This is Isreal by Sasek 1962
This is Isreal by Sasek 1962
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Vintage Terra Scanta Guild Isreal CHRIST IS HEAD OF THIS HOUSEHOLD Brass Plaque
Vintage Terra Scanta Guild Isreal CHRIST IS HEAD OF THIS HOUSEHOLD Brass Plaque
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circa 2000s Isreal National Team Football Scarf In Excellent Condition this
circa 2000s Isreal National Team Football Scarf In Excellent Condition this
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David After Dentist

Do you support Palestine?

No offence but the Isreal Goverment and Soldiers are people with no heart, There heartless, They make Palestine kids orphans which have to sleep on the hard concrent floor not knowing if they will wake up. They can t eat anything and they do not have foood anymore. You should search on google palestine kids and a poem of a palestine kids. Whats up with these Isreal people? I swear I would wanna do somehting very bad t the soldiers though I cant.!!!! I support palestine thats for sure!! Yea and why support Isreal there people are living spoilded !!! Though Im not saying Isreal PEOPLE are bad , Im actully friends with a few of them its just there stupid gv and soldiers. So who do you support and if yu support Isreal dont say land cuz They stole palestines land too and what harm is going on Isreal?

Sorry guys Ive gotten too far!Sorry for my 'Rudness'

Hell yeah! I support humanity where ever it may be. The Palestinians are persecuted in their own land: the Muslims, Christians and surprisingly the Jews! Yes, take a look at the Israeli government and you'll quickly realise how it's full of foreign Jews. The original Israeli Jews were Arabs and have been shoved aside by their white skinned brethren. 'Chosen People' my ass! Vicious racists more like!