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The Best In Inflatable Hot Tubs: Spa2go!!

If you are looking for a hot tub with flexibility of use and that come at a very low cost then an inflatable hot tub is definitley for you. Spa2go hot tubs are the perfect option for individuals who do not have enough room to place a full sized hot tub, but could fit a small portable soft hot tub such as a two to three person tub. There are even some larger portable soft hot tubs that can hold up to four adults in them, and they are very basic to set up and use whenever it is needed. These hot tubs usually cost around eight hundred dollars, but they contain all of the materials needed to be able to get going with the hot tub experience. They will often come with a cover as well so that if the person wants to keep the hot tub set up for a time, the cover will protect it and keep the heat in when it is not being used.


Spa2go hot tubs usually take only a few steps to set up. The first is that the tub itself must be inflated with the motor that comes with the unit. It will usually take about fifteen minutes for the tub to inflate completely so that it is ready for the next step. The second is that your tub will have to be plugged into the wall. The third is that the tub is filled with water from the garden hose in the yard. Once it is topped up, you can start up the water heater and pump system so that the water can begin to heat up. There is a temperature dial on the heater so that you can adjust to the temperature that you prefer.

Besides the easy set up, the Spa2go hot tub also comes with seats within it for the comfort of the individuals who use it. The sides of the hot tub are nice and cushioned so that it is comfortable to lean back on the sides of the tub. There is a circulating pump and filter system so that the water is filtered as it is heated, ensuring the freshness of the water during use. The spa2go hot tub also usually comes with a locking cover for it so that little children are kept out of the tub when it is not in use. This helps to stop accidents from occurring as well as helping to keep any objects or dirt out of the hot tub. The cover also helps to keep the heat in the tub so that it is not as hard on the motor when the tub is not in use.The Spa 2 go is an awesome option for everyone that basically can't afford the high prices of an inbuilt tub or anyone thats looking for the convinience and flexibility that is displayed with a portable inflatable hot tub!!!

Choosing An Inflatable PFD

Why the hell are we not arming merchant ships against somali pirates?

One shot into there inflatable should do the trick.

They can't arm the ships because the ships go to dozens or ports of call and each port has different laws regarding weapons.

What is 100% legal in one country/port is horrifically illegal in another so the ships must abide by the strictest laws.

I don't understand why they couldn't have a safe in the ship and only the captain has the combo or key and they could store all their weapons in that safe until in international waters but for some reason this is the case.

They explained it all on an excellent series of documentaries on the History Channel.

Remember, there are hundreds of thousands of ships just in the commercial aspect of this... Then you have the privately owned "Pleasure Craft" and all of these are from every single nation on earth, even the "Land Locked" ones for some reason... The international law regarding this is very complicated.

Go to the History Channel and National Geographic Channel Website and search and you'll find many aritcles and videos on this exact topic.

p.s. This has nothing what so ever to do with Israel or Obama. Period. The somali pirates have been a problem for DECADES and it has NOTHING to do with "America". It doesn't matter if you try to pin it on Obama, GWBush, Clinton, Bush Sr. or any other American President.