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Slot Car Racing Is Right Now More Fun Than Ever Before

Slot cars definitely began during the Nineteen sixties. It became something that fathers and sons could do together. There was even a professional category at one time. It continued to be a favorite pastime through to approximately half way through the 1970s. It got overtaken by a few points nevertheless the primary one was most likely the invention of video games.

After that moment many of the slot car brands had trouble and quite a few failed. Those that did endure, accomplished it by changing hands a few times. Those that made it through have in all probability experienced a noticeable difference in their prospects because the activity appears to be rising in popularity.

A few of the factors behind this has been the advance in quality in standard models and slot cars, the introduction of digital technology and fathers today introducing their kids to the fun of slot car racing.

The standard of the models today is better than ever before. There are many models on the market to get started with. The smaller size sets - e.g. 1:64 or 1:43 size have much to keep kids amused. These slot cars are speedy, but they also include magnets that help to hold the slot cars on the track when cornering or going through other challenges.
The challenges may include

  • vertical climbs
  • squeeze tracks
  • uncontrolled junctions
  • flyovers
  • slip tracks
  • loop the loops

and more. They have slot cars like racing cars, Dune buggies, NASCAR, Disney Cars, Mario Kart, Spongebob, Star Wars etcetera.

In recent years there has been an introduction of digital slot cars initially created by Scalextric (now operated by Hornby) one of the initial makers. Using these models it is possible to contest up to 8 slot cars on a two slot race track with special passing and slot changing parts of track. They work in a comparable way to points on a model railway track using a button on the controller transmitting a signal to the track to allow the slot car to change slot. Additional features may also be programmed into the competition like pit stops, yellow flag incidents, ghost slot cars. This will make the competition a lot more like the real thing.

You do need to still place the slot cars back in the slot when they fall off since you went way too quickly around the corner. We have witnessed several changes with the release of magnets to hold the slot cars in position at faster speeds and also the power to reduce the power (and thereby the velocity) while getting familiar with controlling the slot cars. The AFX Slot Car sets at this point include this element as standard. They are 1:64 size slot cars and they've got 9 different sets to choose from.

The racing of slot cars pastime has moved forward from its origins inside the 60's and features something for all the family members. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and constitutes a constructive switch from being in front of the Television set or the pc possibly watching shows/You Tube or playing games or on Facebook or myspace. Sets can be obtained at under $100 and are an easy task to setup, so you might be quickly be experiencing the thrills of auto racing in your own home.